Gold Run Pipeline

Placer County, California
Placer County, Bennett Engineering


Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology

Geocon Leaders

Jeremy Zorne
David Bieber

CalGeo, ASCE - Project of the Year

"Geocon is doing a great job! I REALLY appreciate how available and responsive you are."

The Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) Gold Run Pipeline provides water for a significant population in western Placer County. A segment of the 80+ year old pipeline located in a narrow right-of-way between the Union Pacific (UP) mainline tracks and the top of a 100-foot-high bluff above Interstate 80 (I-80) was the most deteriorated portion of the pipeline to be upgraded. Alignment relocation was cost-prohibitive because it required two railroad crossings, reconstructing a County road, and conflicts with several existing utilities. At two locations along the alignment, the bluff had retreated within a few feet of the pipeline threatening the pipeline, railroad tracks, and I-80. Geocon performed an extensive geotechnical investigation in difficult terrain and developed innovative mitigations that provided stability and long-term serviceability of the alignment. As a direct result, PCWA realized significant construction savings (over $1M). The project was successfully constructed without a single geotechnical-related change order.

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